I commented on Jeremiah’s interesting blog regarding Wal-Mart’s  online presence in the social media network Facebook.  Jeremiah’s inclusion of Facebook comments in his blog resembled throwing pebbles at a giant.  This reveals the disconnect between the packed parking lots of Wal-Mart, and actual respect for the company.

I piped in on Jermiah’s blog that a  “single mom” should be the voice to start a constructive conversation that would enhance Wal-Mart’s presence online.  Thoughtfully, Connie Benson of Digiscrapinfo.com, was gracious and agreed with me on the  “female” aspect of a favorable voice for Walmart.  However,  I still hold onto my original thought, “Single Mom”.  Afterall, a “single mom” is still “all woman” but has added responsbilities, (some) self-sacrificing, and usually has to pay a whole lot of attention to what she buys and how much she spends.

My opinion is that Wal-Mart should choose not a SINGLE single-mom, but several single-moms.  Stores are crammed with  diversity.  Ethnically and  class wise.  Lower, Middle,  and Upper Class all spend money inside the great walls of  Wal-Mart.   If Wal-Mart wants to be successful in Facebook, it should have “many faces”.

With poverty levels as such,  single mothers and fathers, (I hate to discriminate)  are individuals that benenfit the most when it comes to economizing.  At Christmas, the Wal-Mart Toy Flyers are treasured by struggling single parents.  The aisles are crowded with frugal families who want an  FAO Schwarz holiday for their children, but need to be able to pay their rent or mortgage 6 days after the event. Wal-Mart does keep the holiday affordable, so customers will hopefully have a Happy New Year!

With that said, there is also those who are not confined to a budget, but enjoy the thrill of the hunt for a great bargain during the holidays.  Those “well-to-do’s” go to Wal-Mart, too!

There are children’s school items, crafts, electronics, music, movies, household products, pet supplies, clothes…the list goes on and on.  There are budget priced necessities and affordable dreams in the Wal-Mart. Focusing on the positive is supposed to make everything “better”, right?

Wal-Mart should hire someone, (my vote is still for the single-mom)  who knows how to start a conversation about “getting by” or even “getting ahead”  by shopping at Wal-Mart.

As much as some love to hate Wal-Mart, constructive conversations can be had about the good, the bad and the ugly of the company that will benefit not only the company, but the consumers as well.


A Sound Decision

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This brave gal “finally” made the leap.  I yelled up to her, just think about telling the story to your friends!  Then she jumped!

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This is the Captain.    He fancies himself a pirate.  Very good person!  The salt of the earth (and the sea!)

Swallow The Leader

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I wouldn’t exactly call what I did today,”hiking”.  It was a 6 mile walk on ragged (not rugged) terrain trails.   I more or less just played follow the leader.  He had wine in a duffel bag.  🙂 

Today’s Saturday

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I wish I had taken a before photograph. 

 This framed pastel was found in an old abandoned chicken coop, lumpy from bird crap, dirt and debris.  None of its beauty was exposed. 

Intrigued,  I walked it out into the sunlight, away from itchy crawly things I couldn’t see that lived in the dilapidated shed, but knew were jumping on me.  The artwork was unrecognizable, but the dedication on the back was compelling: 

“To Lovely Lady Loir”, July 20, 1936.  

In my mind, I was skipping home like a child! I put the forgotten fertilized artwork in the trunk of my car and romantisized about “Lovely Lady Loir” as I drove away.

Not risking getting a disease like the galloping crud, I put on gloves, then delicately excuvated the art.  Eventually I was admiring a beguiling signed pastel of a farmhouse that I have always felt ” fogged in mystery”. 

To this date it still fascinates me.  On occasion, I stare at it.  Picking up little nuances that are blurred with age but appear in the right light as if haunted. 

My imagination runs away with me.   Will I someday I see “Lovely Lady Loir”?

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My green-acres view.   


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